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Art Show 2009

On behalf of the Ukrainian-American community of the State of Connecticut we would like to extend our gratitude to all the people who attended exhibit of contemporary Ukrainian art on May 31, 2009 at the Ukrainian National Home. Due to your efforts we were able to raise funds that will go to the construction of a Monument to the innocent victims of the Ukrainian Famine in Washington D.C.

We would especially like to thank all "Krayany" for their wonderful help with the event. We would also like to thank the following Ukrainian artists for their participation in the show:

Bohdan Les

Bohdan Les

In his art design engineer Bohdan T. Les utilizes new ideas and new techniques. He creates bas-reliefs and plaques in antique bronze finish and uses unique process that he has developed himself.

Les’ ability to create life and energy in his relief sculpture is truly unique. Mr. Les complements his artistic skills with years of technical experience. His artwork becomes focal point in any environment. He utilizes his own composition materials, such as resin, epoxies, fiberglass, silica and others not commonly found in contemporary art. Mr. Les’ goal is to create art that will bring life, beauty and richness to any home.

Bohdan Vandiak

Contemporary Ukrainian photography by Bohdan Vandiak

Raised in the pastoral lands of Eastern Europe (Podillia, Buchachyna), Bohdan Vandiak has always had a passion for art. In 1976 he left his family to study sculpture at the Lviv College of Fine Art. While studying the technical aspects of this three dimensional art form, he strolled the city lined with medieval and renaissance architecture. In 1982 Vandiak moved to Petersburg, "the city with no night", where he study fine art painting us a free student.

Vandiak would return to Lviv in 1984 to obtain a new stage in yet another medium, stain glass art. The reflection of light through glass has always had a direct impact on his work be it sculpture or painting. On another journey that would take him further from his home than he had ever gone, Vandiak came to Toronto, Canada in 1998.

Bohdan Vandiak is a fine art painter with more than 15 years of training in classical art. In this media, he has received awards and recognition as a fine art painter. In 1997 he changed his media to computer generated art in order to discover something different in the world of fine art. In his new media of computer graphics, he has been accepted at international shows both in Canada and the United States.

Bohdan's website is: http://www.vandiakphotography.com/

Silk painting by Mariya SklyarAndrij Bezpiatko

Andrij Bezpiatko graduated from the BAA Illustration program at Sheridan Institute in
Ontario Canada, in April 2009. His work is partially inspired by lowbrow art and partially by urban art, the world of graffiti, and its free flowing forms and line work. His childhood admiration for superheroes like Spiderman along with other cartoons that he grew up with is also a great influence in
his art.

Andrij's 'Holodomor' illustrations were inspired by the story of Pavlo Makohon, a Holodomor survivor. Makohon first shared his story with Andrij when he was child. Makohon told Andrij how he lost his simblings to the famine, and of how he saved his mother from the same fate. Andrij decided to use Makohon's story in one of his illustration projects because he felt that his story is one that needs to be known.

Modern art by a Ukrainian-American artist Natasha SazonovaNatasha Sazonova

Natasha Sazonova paints in a variety of styles ranging from whimsical illustration to collage art and surrealism. In the recent years Ms. Sazonova developed a unique style of psychological portraiture influenced by her interest in parapsychology and ancient world philosophies. Sazonova draws upon her intuition to create collage portraits that utilize colors that best describe the inner thoughts as well as character of the individuals she depicts. As part of her collages Natasha often uses materials that normally end up in a recycling bin, such as old cards, magazines, mass mailers or gift-wrapping. She sees the world in terms of colors and their influence on a person’s mood as well as overall well-being.

Ms. Sazonova has exhibited her artwork in galleries throughout the Northeast, including the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Her work ranges from the famous outdoor cow parade exhibit in Boston to editorial illustrations for Political Publications. Natasha holds BA in Fine Arts from the University of Connecticut.

For more of Natasha's work please go to: http://artns.us or http://familytreeforyou.com

Andriy Khomyk paintingAndriy Khomyk

Andriy Khomyk was born in Lviv, Ukraine, on May 28, 1962. He graduated from the Faculty of Design of Lviv College of Applied end Decorative Arts in 1981, and from the Faculty of Decorative Ceramics of the Lviv Academy of the Arts in 1986. He has worked in the fields of easel painting and book printing art, and since 1991 in the field of easel painting on glass. He has participated in international and national exhibitions, and has had personal exhibitions of paintings on glass in both Europe and the United States.

His works can be found in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Canada, and the United States; a number of his works were purchased by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

For more of Andriy Khomyk's work please go to: http://www.paintingonglass.com

Painting by a contemporary Ukrainian artist Michael DanylovychMichael Danylovych

Michael Danylovych graduated from Lviv Specialized Secondary School of Applied Arts and has a degree from the Kyiv Academy of Arts. His style ranges from painting on glass, oil painting, as well as computer 2D and 3D graphics.

Over the past few years Michael has been concentrating on faux finishing, murals, trompe l'oeil for both commercial and private clients. He designs each project individually, offering the client an alternative to uniformly of mass production. Michael strives to focus on the historical aspects and classic styles of decorative painting and incorporates materials and techniques of past centuries.

Please visit website www.mantelepa.com for more information.

Painting by a modern Ukrainian artist Bohdan OshurBohdan Oshur

After graduating with Masters degree in Fine Art Education Bogdan Oshur taught at Stefanik University (in Ukraine).

Oshur is also an experienced designer, who specializes in stained glass windows, custom floor design as well as art restoration.

Mr. Oshur has shown his works in Ukraine, United States, Canada and France.

For more of Bohdan Oshur's artwork please visit his website at: http://oshur.com

Painting on silk by a Ukrainian artist Nadya DyachenkoNadezhda Dyachenko

Nadya Dyachenko is a well-known artist and textile designer from Kiev, Ukraine. She is a member of the prestigious Artists' Union and in 1991 was awarded a title of the The Master of Folk Art in Embroidery.

Nadya's interest in fiber art is multifaceted: she is a master embroiderer who is also very accomplished in a wide variety of needlework techniques; she designs and creates one of a kind hand painted and hand dyed silk scarves and garments, and combines her extensive knowledge of dyeing processes with hand felting; Nadya also does representational paintings on silk with dyes.

She uses the finest Chinese silks, the best French dyes, and the highest quality merino wool roving from small organic sheep farms in the United States to create her unique multi-layered garments embodying the modern movement in feltmaking known as nuno-felt. Be it a painting on silk or a silk garment, all of Nadya's creations undergo the same lengthy steam-setting treatment that gives the dyes their most beautiful hues and secures their light- and colourfastness -, the silk will retain its colours for many decades to come, and can be washed by hand in luke-warm water with a mild detergent or professionally dry-cleaned without any risk of the colours running or fading.

Nadya's work can be best described as the result of an organic synthesis of the Old World quality and artisanal traditions with the contemporary techniques and processes. Her work, pleasing to the eye and touch, brings happiness to all.

Oksana Prokopenko

Oksana Prokopenko

Oksana Prokopenko was born in Cherkassy, Ukraine and emigrated to the US in 1997. She has been living in New York since 1998. Prokopenko has studied art since she was a young girl, first under the guidance of her father, a watercolor artist Yuriy Prokopenko, and later in the Kiev-Mohilyanska Academy.

Although it was in response to her oil paintings, the art community early on, branded Oksana as a colorist. This designation continues to be appropriate in her mosaics, which she is now better known for. In fact, her colors inspire the viewer to spiritual and emotional heights similar to those achieved by Prokopenko during her creative process. Always interested in religious artwork, Prokopenko studied the history of icons, the centuries old art form of her Russian Orthodox tradition. Unable to find an icon teacher in a still communist Ukraine, Prokopenko experimented with icons on her own, using various mediums.

Upon emigration, she studied icon-writing in a proper egg tempera with Jennifer-Anna Perkins, at the Vladislav Andreev iconography studio. Her study of the arts also continued at New York University and the School of Visual Arts. Prokopenko was moved to create icons in mosaics and found it a good match for her growing belief that we all are expressions of the single divine whole (see artist statement). She has continued to work with mosaics since then. Her work has been recognized for its spiritual strength, its ability to glimpse behind the veil covering the divine and reveal this energy as displayed in human and worldly forms.

Prokopenko’s icons are beautiful sensual artworks to look at, while at the same time they are keys that open the gates and barriers between the divine and the human.

Oksana’s mixed media work is a search to cut across the boundaries of various religions and express an ancient truth: Eternal divine whole gives itself in temporal yet no less divine parts. Her work builds on her experience as an iconographer, looking to cut through to the ineffable world of interconnection that underlies appearances.

Oksana's website is: www.OksanaPro.com

Watercolor by modern Ukrainian artist Zenyk Bulavko

Zenyk Bulavko

Zenyk Bulavko studied architecture at the Politeknika in Lviv, Ukraine and graduated in 1982.

Mr. Bulavko developed a passion for painting at a very young age. He was given his very first drawing lessons from his father, artist-dissident Pavlo Bulavko who influenced his artistic style. In his early adolescence Mr. Bulavko took private art classes from the Ukrainian artist Svyatoslav Martynyuk

Although Zenyk Bulavko’s initial art medium was in oils and graphics, his recent works have been in watercolor. He believes that watercolors possess more inspirational perspectives and artistic qualities that provide a more divergent vision of the world.

Painting by a modern Ukrainian artist Andriy FylypivAndriy Fylypiv

Born in Lviv, Ukraine Andriy Fylypiv started drawing in the fifth grade. He didn't have much interest in art up until that point, but after completing his first drawing he knew that he would never stop creating art. Eventually, Andriy went on to study at the Academy of Fine Art in Lviv, from which he graduated with a degree in glass blowing.

After immigrating to the United States, Mr. Fylypiv has been mostly producing artwork in a surrealist style. However, he's interested in a variety of styles and mediums, ranging from photography to portraits and abstract paintings.

Oksana Korolchyk photographyOksana Korolchyk

Oksana Korolchuk works in a variety of media, such as stained glass design, graphic design, drawing, iconography, photography, collage and posters.

Several years of private schooling and a Master’s Degree in Art from The Institute of Applied and Decorative Art in Lviv, Ukraine gave her skills and knowledge to work as a Stained Glass Designer in East Hampton, CT, and do many private art projects for Interior Decorating companies in NY City, church restorations, and new creations for private home.

Painting by Garoslav KosminaGaroslav Kosmina

Garoslav Kosmina was born in 1993 to the Ukrainian parents, who immigrated to the United States a year prior to his birth. A very talented child, Garoslav started drawing earlier than he began to speak. When he was a child Garoslav’s favorite toy was a pencil. Garoslav draws his inspiration from everyday life.

He creates portratits, posters and paintings from the things that he observes around him. Presently Garoslav is a high-school student in Middletown, Connecticut. He has participated in several local art exhibits and received a number of awards.